You’ve read the volume, now come vote in the polls! What were the defining moments, revelations, and characters from “Whispers Into Screams?” Our community manager Zach Herrera has laid ’em all out in the polls so that now you can vote and decide:


Vol 23: Best Cover
Which single issue cover was the best?

Best Character

Vol 23: Best Character
Who is the best character from the volume?

Best Villain

Vol 23: Best Villain
Who was the best villain in Volume 23?

Best Moment

Vol 23: Best Moment
What was the best moment from the volume?

Biggest Question

Vol 23: Biggest Question
What was the biggest question that the volume left you with?

Best Revelation

Vol 23: Biggest Revelation
What was the most surprising twist or realization from the volume?

This volume was seriously PACKED with good stuff! What was the hardest poll to decide on? Were we missing anything? Comment below and let us know!