In case you didn’t hear, there is now a place where you can get your Walking Dead AND caffeine fix at the same time! The Waking Dead Café is now open in Senoia, GA as an extension of The Woodbury Shoppe! Containing one of the largest selections of licensed product from both Skybound and AMC, a visit to The Woodbury Shoppe has become a necessary pilgrimage for fans of all ages. Senoia, GA was the filming location for Season 3 and currently Season 5 of AMC’s hit TV series The Walking Dead.

The Café was built with the help of the Riverwood Studios where the series is filmed. It contains cell doors and a re creation of the prison buildings in Season 3 along with hints of the road to Terminus and a large wall (whose purpose has yet to be determined—hmmmmmm).

Robert Kirkman will be visiting this coming Sunday (December 7th) for a sold-out signing!

The Waking Dead Cafe
48 Main St.
Senoia, GA 30276