Jungle Book author Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Unfortunately, Rudyard had yet to experience the power of a gif. Sometimes when words aren’t enough, gifs are there to perfectly sum up your emotions. Thanks to YOUR submissions we compiled the best Walking Dead gifs useful for any situation. Feel free to post any that we missed and we might add it in!

When your group text gets out of hand

When a Monday comes out of nowhere

When your friend makes the most ludicrious argument

When you get to leave work early

When auto-correct ruins your life

When you need someone to keep a secret

When you don’t care who sees you eating badly

When you’ve been up for 24+ hours working on a group project

Avoiding life as much as we can

“Tonight’s about to be lit”

When someone talks sh*t about one of your friends

When someone gets out of line

Getting hyped for your road trip

When you brag about your mad ball skills

When you’ve had enough

When chores start piling up

When people expect too much for you

When you’re mad and someone asks you what you’re up to

When you love your best friend

When people look at you like you’re crazy

When someone tries to break up your friend group

When you’re hungry AF

When your compliments are a little too on the nose

When you’re too drunk to explain your life goals

When your friend calls you out for your booty call

That awkward moment you have to chop a friend’s arm off

When your friend’s got your back

When someone tells you you’re partying might actually kill you

That Friday Get out of work feeling

When you’re there for your friend

When you care for ice cream more than your own damn life

When you’re trying to get someone’s attention

When your friend cancels on your plans because “something came up”

How you really looked leaving the bar last night

And finally…When your friend starts talking during The Walking Dead