The Walking Dead Whisperer War is finally upon us. So what can we expect? Will Negan actually join sides with Rick and the Survivors, will Beta kill as many main characters as he can find, and will Carl ever make it out of the Hilltop?? We can’t divulge any of that, BUT that doesn’t stop anyone from speculating. Below we have compiled the BEST Twitter fan predictions for this new story arc. Make sure to comment below to offer YOUR expectations and who will/won’t make it.

Let’s just get this one out of the way

Now for the actual predictions:

Maybe it wasn’t Alpha after all…

We Actually Like These Ideas

This fan made a prediction for themselves


Don’t you dare Newhart us

Sad, but logical

This pretty practical tactic

This would be the best possible scenario:

This fan agrees but doesn’t think it’ll be that easy:

Also this would be the worst possible scenario

These fans just cut to the chase

Suck it, The Avengers

Herds man, herds

Alexandria’s going to wreak

That Negan takeover though

Never too late for revenge

This got specific

And then finally…the most logical option