Season 3 is but a memory! But we can still talk about the finale, right? If you want to kick around ideas or talk about or ask questions, head over to the recap/discussion post.

For now, here are some interviews with Robert about the finale and diverging from the comic.

Lesley Goldberg from the Hollywood Reporter talks to Robert in ‘Walking Dead’ Dissection: Robert Kirkman on the Major Fatalities and Comic Book Detour.

Robert answers Michael Ausiello’s questions at TVLine in Walking Dead Post Mortem: Robert Kirkman Talks Andrea Backlash (Including the Pliers!), Defends Rick’s Decision, Previews [Spoiler]’s Return

TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams sits down with Robert for The Walking Dead Postmortem: Robert Kirkman Defends Major Death, Teases Season 4

Joey Esposito must’ve been busy with April Fools’ Day shenanigans, but he filed his interview with Robert today: The Walking Dead: Kirkman Talks Season 3 Finale, Teases Season 4

Lesley Goldberg has ANOTHER story on TWD this week, talking with Laurie Holden in ‘Walking Dead’s’ Laurie Holden on Andrea’s Fate: ‘It Was the Right Ending’

EW’s Dalton Ross gets some season 4 tidbits out of the cast and crew in ‘The Walking Dead’: ‘The Governor is still out there. The war is not over.’ — Exclusive season 4 preview video!.

Not sure how I missed that Clark Collis at EW had his interview with Robert up: ‘The Walking Dead’: Robert Kirkman talks about last night’s fatalities-filled season finale

And last one is from Nathan Mattise at Ars Technica on why Season 3 is the best yet: With S3, The Walking Dead is a “different show”—the most interesting one yet