Now that the dust has settled from the Season 6 finale let’s dig into that leather jacket-wearing sweet-talking Lucille-swinging maniac Negan. Right off the bat, Negan is BY FAR the most infamous villain of The Walking Dead. Below we’ll give you a spoiler-free rundown explaining everything you need to know about him.

Who Is Negan?

First introduced in the pinnacle Issue 100, Negan serves as the notorious leader of The Saviors, a group of rebels who rule with fear. He forces nearby communities like The Hilltop to surrender their supplies in exchange for (sometimes) not killing them. As ego-maniacal as he seems, Negan abides by a strict set of guidelines that, if not met by his inferiors, will result in SEVERE repercussions (You should see what he can do with an iron).

Comic fans have sometimes voiced concern that Negan will be changed in the show, but fear not! Here are comic comic/show comparisons that should put any of those worries at ease:






Negan’s Backstory

So where does Negan come from? Has he always been a deranged lunatic or was he once a working-class adult like the rest of us? Although the comics barely touch on his past, we revealed in February that we’ll be releasing Negan’s backstory through a serialized 48-page series via Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog and IMAGE+, a monthly collection of previews and sneak peaks. Each month you’ll get 4 pages of brand new Negan goodness from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. (Learn more about the Negan prequel here). Here’s the first page of the backstory:


What His Arrival Means

Well, two things. One, his appearance on the show spells (almost certain) death for one of our beloved characters. Just like in the Season 6 finale, in the COMICS (show typically deviates), he proves his power/instills fear by capturing Rick’s group against their will and beating one of their own to death after a horrific game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe. Negan intentionally keeps the rest alive so they can soon work for him, providing supplies from Alexandria to The Saviors.

Number two, this could result in an ongoing struggle between Rick and Negan. In the comics, the head-bashing scene ignites a conflict between The Saviors and Alexandria referred to as “All Out War.” For spoiler reasons we can’t divulge too much but know that if it happens in the show it’ll be one of the most climactic story arcs YET. Here’s a taste of that battle:


So there you have it! Negan’s the new sheriff in town and no one is safe. What do YOU think will happen in Season 7 and which comic storylines would you like to see come to fruition? Let us know that and more in the comments below!