Fans waited years to see Negan come alive on The Walking Dead show and now it’s time to start speculating about Alpha. In case you aren’t caught up on the comics, Alpha’s the next villain we meet after All Out War. Without spoiling her storyline Alpha is a leader and mother who heads a massive community of survivors called The Whisperers who disguise themselves in walker skin. She’s clever, in her 30s,

We can’t say if or when she’ll make her way to the show, but we asked fans like you to tell us your fantasy casting. We compiled the most popular ones below:

Charlize Theron


Charlize DOES have experience playing a bald post-apocalyptic badass….

Sigourney Weaver


Who WOULDN’T want to see her return to her bald days from Alien 3?

Tilda Swinton


That Ancient One glare could really bring menace to an on-screen Alpha.

Lena Headley


The Internet would probably implode.

Katherine Heigel

Wow, who knew Katherine Heigel rocked the bald look so often? This could work!

Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde definitely has the look to fit the role.

Robin Wright

Did you see her in Wonder Woman? That’s all the reason we need to be convinced she’d destroy as Alpha.

Lily Rabe

As we saw in American Horror Story Lily Rabe can quickly transition from charming to menacing…something Alpha’s VERY good at.

Ruby Rose


She might be a little young to play her but we’d still be down.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was incredible in V for Vendetta and could totally re-rock the bald look here.

Vera Farmiga

Cunning, charming, beautiful…Vera Fargima checks the boxes!



We’re loving this mysterious pick for Alpha. Plus, The Walking Dead has pulled actors out of obscurity before!

Kim Dickens

We got so many Kim Dickens/Madison responses to this we had to keep it on the list. Although Madison is currently near Mexico, not Virginia, and her daughter’s name is Alicia, not Lydia, and there’s no other indication she would become Alpha…throwing water on this fan theory just wouldn’t be fun! So there it is in the open air. Keep speculating!

Who would YOU like to see play Alpha in the future? Tell us in the comments!