At the end of tonight’s episode, Inmates (season 4, episode 10), three characters show up, and even though you may be unfamiliar with the comic, you can probably tell from their hero’s entrance that they’re kind of special. So who ARE these people (without giving away too much)?

Sergeant Abraham Ford
Played by Michael Cudlitz
Abraham is a military man who faced some very dark times immediately following the out break. He had a wife and child but they’re not longer in the picture. What happened to them? Hopefully we find out as we learn more about Abraham on the show. (Or find out in Volume 10: What We Become)

Abraham is a soldier on the look out for a commander, and Rick provides that after some time. Abraham is loyal, strong, and some times temperamental.

Abraham’s increasing bond with Rick and his violent past. Oh and his way with words. Yes, you will love Abraham like the comic fans do.

Eugene Porter
Played by Josh McDermitt
Eugene Porter, High School science teacher, possible genius, mullet-bearer. Yes, he has a reason for the mullet! Eugene is a little shady, and kind of a sloppy sad sac, but ultimately proves critical to the groups’ fate.

That radio Euge is carrying around. Salvation? Eugene’s moods and motivations could be something to pay attention to.

Rosita Espinosa
Played by Christian Serratos
Abraham’s lady, for now. Rosita serves as an emotional center for Abraham. Not a lot is known about Rosita’s past, but she’s compassionate and strong.

Her relationship with Abraham and her caring nature. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rosita play a larger role in the show than in the comic.

One of the things we’ve seen with the show is characters entering and exiting differently than they do in the comic. What do you guys think the future will hold for the TV versions of these 3?