To celebrate the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, FOX International (distributors of TWD outside the US) have hired some folks (creative director Miss Cakehead and chef James Thomlinson) to create a burger that tastes just like… human flesh. They think. It’s not an exact science since they can’t (or is it won’t?) taste any human flesh themselves, but they’ve studied what famous cannibals have had to say on the matter and mixed and matched accordingly.

The recipe: a ground mix of pork, veal, chicken livers, and bone marrow. Delicious. If you want to see what this tastes like from the creators of the recipe, and you live in London, FOX International is having a Terminus pop-up tavern September 30th at a mystery location in East London (watch hashtag #terminustavern). British fans, you know what to do: get to Terminus, eat a human burger, and report back.