Crossovers are huge now. Supergirl and Flash, Family Guy and Simpsons, and even Archer & Bob’s Burgers. Will The Walking Dead universe follow their lead? TV Line sat down with Fear TWD Executive Producer Dave Erickson to discuss the possibility of the two worlds colliding.

“As interesting as the ways that Scott (M. Gimple) & Co. are able to shift the comic book narrative and really explore that, there is no Fear TWD (in that universe)”, Fear TWD Executive Producer Dave Erickson said. Fear TWD “didn’t come from the comic, so some tectonic plates would have to shift to make it happen.”

Aside from not originating from the comic Erickson added, “from a geographical standpoint, it’s going to be very difficult for us to ever get to the East Coast. And from a narrative standpoint, with (The Walking Dead) being six seasons in and going on seven, I don’t think we’ll ever quite catch up with them, so chronologically, it would be difficult as well.”


Robert Kirkman echoed this statement but gave SOME hope for a crossover in the distant future. Answering a question at an Amazing Hawaii Comic Con panel, Kirkman reiterated, “We’re already on Season Seven and this one’s on Season Two and that would be crazy. As far as if those characters will ever encounter each other, I mean, they’re in the same universe so it’s completely possible. Geographically, they’re no where near each other so it would be somewhat farfetched if group A were to somehow encounter group B unless over the course of many, many, many, many seasons somehow it made sense.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance! Let us know how you think a crossover could transpire AND make sure to catch the rest of the article over at TV Line!