The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer gave us everything: explosions, awesome Negan lines, All Out War scenes, and OLD MAN RICK?! The trailer concluded with a dreamy scene of the current comic-looking Rick waking up in a bed with flowers next to it, not unlike he did in the pilot episode in the hospital.





But in this instance the flowers are fresh and alive, and Rick seems to be at home. So what does it all mean? Is this a predictor of the future or a red herring? We can’t tell you, but we CAN give you context on the possibilities.

Time Jump


In the comics the story jumps ahead a few years following the events of All Out War. Everyone’s a bit older but Rick is the most changed. The battle with the Saviors (most specifically Negan) left Rick slightly disabled, hence the cane shown in the trailer. Judging by that and his beard, perhaps the show WILL time jump…but why would they reveal that before All Out War even begins? Does this mean Rick makes it? Who didn’t make it? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!


(Rick with a cane on the cover of The Walking Dead Issue #139)

It’s a Dream


*Biggie voice* It was all a dream! Judging by the way this scene was shot some could argue it’s a dream sequence not unlike the one we saw at the end of the Season 7 premiere. In that instance we saw recently deceased characters Glenn and Abraham enjoying a cozy meal with our characters (that too, was in a hazy filter). Perhaps at some point Rick’s on the brink of death and he envisions what his life COULD be after All Out War.

Rick Wakes Up From His Coma


Just kidding guys, that is 1000% not what is happening. But we know you conspiracists were thinking it.

What do YOU think is happening? Predict and discuss with us in the comments!