Hey guys, we’ve partnered with Winnin to bring their video battles to Comic-Con! Winnin is a platform that empower fans (over 20 million of them so far!) to easily find and curate the best Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Vine videos organized through addictive battles. Watch two videos, pick a winner, and the loser drops off and a new challenger approaches. It’s insanely addicting. We met with them pretty recently and Comic-Con seemed like a really cool place to kind of kick off a partnership.

What we decided to do was let users compete head-to-head, in a custom battle we’re announcing tomorrow! We’ll have people outside The Walking Dead Escape entering into the competition directly at Winnin’s custom video booth at the Skybound Game Lounge. The competition won’t just be limited to people at SDCC. YOU can enter too! Get out your makeup kits, get your friends, grab a pet, get whatever you can, and get ready to roll, because you’ll have to enter Friday or Saturday when we give you the entry URL and theme! The winning video, as voted on by the public at large in the Winnin Battle will receive a Walking Dead prize pack, consisting of The Walking Dead Compendiums 1 and 2, our brand new Rick 8” Mini, an SDCC #144 variant, and our foam-dart crossbow!

Here’s an example of a Winnin video battle:

Be sure to check back on Friday when we post the custom Winnin challenge from the Skybound Game Lounge as well as other mini-challenges where you can win Walking Dead prizes!

Visit the official Walking Dead channel on Winnin to watch exclusive Comic-Con content, fan parodies, and the hottest discussions about the first 5 seasons.

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